I Went to See a Great Guy for Some Pregnancy Issues

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I did not realize that pregnancy would be so rough on me. I know that some women have a tough time in their 8th and 9th month, but I was struggling and uncomfortable from the start. I didn’t know it at first, but seeing a chiropractor in San Francisco really helps women like me. I learned that through one of sites that I have been reading to learn all about what to expect when you are going to have a baby. I wish I hard read about it much sooner because I had been too sick to do my job well at work for some time, and it was really frustrating my boss.

I never thought I would even be able to have a child. My husband and I had resigned ourselves to the fact that we were told that I would not be able to have children after I went through cancer treatment many years earlier. I had even undergone some fertility tests that seemed to prove that I would be barren from then on. It made us sad, but the ultimate thing was that I was alive and made it through treatments in the first place. Fast forward 7 years later, and I suddenly found out that I was having a baby. It was a very welcome surprise, but I was very frustrated by the fact that I was so sick early on. I feared that would happen for the next nine months. It would not be possible for me to not work during that time.

The chiropractor was a great help. He explained what was going on with my system, and we had a great appointment. He even told me that part of my problem is that I needed to take some different supplements that would be safe for the baby, and they would also really help me out as well. He was correct. I felt good after that and haven’t had to deal with not feeling well since then.

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